Anne-Lise Routier-Kierzkowska

I am a biophysicist interested in plant growth and biomechanics. Please consult my CV for more information.

In September 2017, I have been appointed as an assistant professor in cell biology at Universite de Montreal.

Emilie Echevin

Emilie is a master student in the group since September 2018. She has a background in Bioinformatics and Molecular Biology. Emilie works on cell size regulation in growing organs.

Hana Bertrand (Hana Rakusova)

Hana joined the group as a post-doc in April 2019. She is a specialist in live microscopy, auxin transport and gravitropism.

Loann Collet

Loann studied physics and biophysics in Paris. He started his PhD in the group in September 2019 to work on cell mechanics.

Kurien Parel

Kurien holds a PhD in mechanical engineering from Oxford Univeristy. He joined the group as a post-doc in October 2019. Kurien studies the mechanical properties of tissues.

Past members

Paula Belska

Paula was an intern in the group in 2018. She worked on cell growth in the shoot apical meristem.